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At The Institute for Regenerative Medicine, we believe that you deserve to look as young as you feel. Investing in the best version of yourself is not only possible, it’s actually easy when you have the support of our professional and friendly team. Don’t put off trying Botox in Southlake, TX, when your age can be nothing more to you than what it really is—just a number. When you have the expertise of our anti-aging doctor on your side, you’ll be looking younger before you know it.

When it comes to non-surgical augmentation, your options are more diverse today than ever before. Botox and Juvederm offer our patients the option to restore volume and youthfulness to the face by reducing the effects of age and weathering. It fills in most moderate to minor lines and wrinkles, lifts the brow to create a more youthful and alert appearance, and in more recent years, has even shown promise as an effective treatment for migraine sufferers.


Maybe you’re interested in targeting those crepey lines that have shown up in the last few years around your eyes, or perhaps you are interested in getting rid of migraines that have been plaguing you. Whatever your reasons for considering Botox, our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are always willing to sit down with you and answer your questions, or discuss concerns or reservations you may have. Our Botox injections address the following major issues:

  • Furrows Between Eyebrows
  • Horizontal Lines On the Forehead
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Platysmal Neck Bands
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Migraine Symptoms


Botox treatment is ideal for patients of almost any age. Younger patients can use it as a preventative method, since Botox prevent wrinkles or fine lines from forming at all by relaxing the facial muscles and softening the impact of the repetitive facial movements which create them. If you have mild to moderate signs of aging, it can almost erase them completely. Botox is even used by our mature patients who have undergone reconstructive or facelift surgery, to further optimize the results of their investment in a youthful appearance.


Botox Fillers are a popular product because they work. The process is supported by a purified protein which temporarily reduces moderate to severe frown lines. The treatment is minimally invasive, and fits even the busiest schedule because it requires no recovery time.