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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones are chemicals that are secreted by the human endocrine system such as the pineal gland, the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland. They act as messengers and are carried by the bloodstream to transport important information to specific cells in order to regulate body processes associated with reproduction, metabolism and growth.

Types of Sex Hormones

There are three main types of sex hormones. These are:

Why Are Hormones Important For Your Body?

The formation and secretion of hormones is essential for the healthy functioning of the body. Hormones stimulate growth, control the immune system, and regulate metabolism, sexual functions, and the reproductive cycle. They work to repair, rejuvenate and restore your body.  As you age, the hormone levels tend to decline, reducing the body’s capacity to work optimally. This hormonal imbalance can have serious negative effects on the health of the affected person.

What Is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

It has become essential for both women and men to keep their hormones in balance to protect against aging and to enjoy an overall sense of well-being. Physical exercise and diet do play an important role in balancing the hormones, but they alone are not effective. For optimal health, you need a bio-identical hormone replacement therapy that helps to naturally stimulate your hormone levels.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is an innovative technology for treating hormonal imbalance. This therapy helps to restore your body’s balance of important hormones, which in turn reduces the effects of stress, signs of early menopause and other age related problems.

Bio-identical hormones have the same molecular structure as the hormones that are secreted by your own body. They are obtained from soy and other natural plant sources. The human body easily recognizes these hormones and uses them for the regulation of various bodily functions.