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Kelly is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. She received Bachelors of Science. from UCF. She has trained extensively in Electroacupuncture and Electrodermal Screening. She has also studied Flower Essence Therapy, Homeopathy, German New Medicine, BioEnergetic Medicine, Bionetics, EMOTox Therapy, Emotional Release Therapy and META-Health, She has worked with Dr Colbert for over 15 years.

EAV/ EDS Testing:

EAV offers a quick, non-invasive method of screening for health imbalances. EAV / EDS utilizes the body’s acupuncture meridians or the “energetic system” as a means of communicating with the body. We use this tool to analyze each client’s needs on an individual basis. That information combined with energetic testing allows us to create and implement a personalized nutritional protocol.

Allergy Screening:

Utilizing the latest biofeedback technology, we analyze how your body is adapting to allergins and stressors in a matter of minutes. Based on the results, we can pinpoint the allergins and causes of inflammation in the body.

EMOTOX – Clear Sensitivities and balance the body

Accurate Personalized Therapies using a SpectraVision scan, We will assess blockages to the free flow of energy in your body that are associated with a variety of different substances – from dairy and grains; to dust, pollen, molds and many more. Then we will build an individualized therapy, introduced by non-invasive low level laser therapy, for specific acupuncture points on the body. The protocol makes desensitization easy, fast and thorough. By supporting your body to create new and different associations with each substance to which you are sensitive, the delivery of powerful homeopathic frequencies literally resets your body’s response to these substances.