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Maybe you need a break during your workweek, or perhaps you have specific treatments in mind that you are interested in getting done. Whatever you need, our professional and knowledgeable staff is ready to offer you the best medical spa treatments in Southlake, TX. Make sure that your time is well spent when you decide to invest in your own wellbeing by choosing our staff to support your journey.

You have a full schedule, so we’re more than happy to facilitate your best experience within the limitations of any time frame you select. Our services are personalized to meet the needs of individual clients, so you can be assured that you will leave feeling relaxed and revitalized. We offer various services, from targeted nutritional plans to anti-aging procedures. With more than 30 years of experience in our field, you can rest assured that our team members are the best at what they do.


Just imagine how happy you would be after taking the time to invest in yourself by getting a getting a massage at lunch in a modern, welcoming facility. Medical spa treatment is simultaneously a luxury and an essential element of your overall wellbeing. You will leave our facility with the mental rejuvenation gained by relaxation and the benefits of time in a luxe, modern spa, while also reaping the rewards of investing in your health and physical welfare.


Before their first visit, many of our clients ask what sets us apart. With treatments such as microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, and even filler injections being performed at day spas, you may wonder what advantages may be offered by getting med spa treatment. Quite simply, medical spas offer a more clinical and professional setting, while still creating the ambiance and comfortable luxuries of a typical day spa. Our facility is also run and supervised by our qualified anti-aging doctor.

We always use the most up-to-date technologies and methods, and ensure that every piece of equipment is in perfect working order. We are also typically able to offer a wider variety of aesthetic and medical therapies. These would include different types of massages, filler injections, IPL treatment, laser hair removal, facials, and chemical peels, as well as other types of anti-aging treatment.