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Prp Therapy (Platelet rich plasma)


Platelet rich plasma therapy in Southlake, TX, can naturally provide incredible rejuvenation for your body. Our team members at The Institute for Regenerative Medicine are masters of the process, which uses your own platelets to facilitate tissue regeneration. The final result is a naturally smoother and more youthful complexion. Simply stated, your platelets can be applied to naturally encourage new collagen formation.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of anti-aging procedures, our team is in a unique position to attest to the efficiency of PRP Therapy. The end results we have seen for our patients who choose PRP therapy have been dramatic. In almost every case, the final results included healthier skin appearance, thickening of the dermis layer resulting in reduces appearance of wrinkles, and even improved overall skin tone.


PRP therapy can create a number of youthful benefits for our patients. One of the most readily noticeable benefits is the restoration of healthy face shape and volume that may have been lost due to age and the effects of sun exposure. For this therapy, a concentrated serum is created from the patient’s blood sample, and can be used in conjunction with a dermal filler. While not necessary, a filler does increase the efficiency of your rejuvenation process. It can also aid in maintaining your results. When you come in to have your unique treatment plan constructed, we will be happy to go over the details of any treatments we recommend.


The process of PRP rejuvenation therapy is natural and simple when handled by our consummate professionals. The serum, created from a patient’s blood sample, is injected into the skin after activation by our experts. It can also be directly applied to the skin as a topical treatment to achieve surface regeneration. The following are our areas of specialty in the field:

This activation provides a simulation of the body’s healing process when your skin is injured, which means the new growth is completely all-natural. Your own platelets are working by creating a rich new fibrin network at the zone of application. Because your own growth factors are released during a natural healing process, the end result is increased collagen production. This leaves you with a younger, fuller look to your facial features.