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Sometimes as we age, the grace and beauty of youth is eclipsed by the wisdom and mileage of our years, but you don’t have to give up one for the other. Our PRP facelifts in Southlake, TX, which are often referred to as “vampire facelifts” by clients, will have you embracing the benefits of your wisdom as well as your beauty. The PRP facelifts we provide at The Institute for Regenerative Medicine are a non-surgical type of facelift that rejuvenates the skin.

Because treatment entails receiving injections of your own activated blood, the tongue-in-cheek nickname of vampire facelift is actually quite apt. Our anti-aging doctor is highly skilled at this procedure, and is always happy to answer your questions and discuss any variables which may affect your treatment.


Perhaps you are interested in turning back the clock, so to speak, or maybe you just have a couple of areas you would like to target. No matter what your goals may be, they are achievable with the help of our expert team of compassionate professionals. Platelet rich plasma facelifts are a safe and effective way to restore the youthful shape and structure of your face. You don’t have to undergo surgery, and recovery time is minimal. It is one of the newest procedures to harness the regenerative power of a patient’s own body, and it does so without surgical intervention. No foreign material is introduced into the body, which significantly reduces chances or risk of infection.


PRP facials revive your face, and it’s really as simple as that. This treatment reduces the appearance of damage from skin conditions such as acne scarring and stretch marks. It also fights wrinkles by stimulating collagen production, and there are no negative side effects, including no downtime after your treatment. You can even wear makeup the next day. Platelet rich plasma facials use this innovative process to revitalize tired skin and bring your youthful glow back in full force.

We have more than 30 years of experience in our field, and our consistently exceptional results showcase this experience as well as our dedication to our patients. In our office, you come first. Each treatment plan is completely personalized to suit the needs and goals of the patient.