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PRP joint injections in Southlake, TX, are a great way to halt or even reverse the clock for your body. This promising therapy has delivered favorable results for a variety of issues, including those involving the joints. The treatment is more natural and carries fewer risks, since it is far more likely to react favorably with the patient’s body. For this reason, an increasing number of patients at The Institute for Regenerative Medicine are choosing PRP therapy for joint-pain relief. It is a unique opportunity to kick-start the natural healing of your bones, ligaments, tissues, muscles, and even cartilage.


Platelet rich plasma joint injections are not new, but they are also not necessarily typical. One of our goals is to ensure that you are totally comfortable with your own comprehension of the process, as well as our reasons for recommending it, before we incorporate it into your personal treatment plan. This type of therapy can reduce pain and suffering, increase your joint function, and slow or even halt further damage from occurring entirely in the joint.

A sample of blood is taken from the patient and place in a centrifuge machine, which spins the blood and essentially creates a concentrated collection of platelets. These platelets are used to encourage the patient’s body to heal itself more effectively, by facilitating secretion of growth factors. Certain proteins also aid in regulating cell division and stimulating regeneration of the targeted tissues.


PRP injections for joints may also inhibit inflammation, thereby slowing the progression and diminishing the pain of arthritis. Many leading doctors also believe the procedure can even help the body form new cartilage to replace lost or damaged cartilage. The blood samples that are used for this therapy also contain proteins which can modify pain receptors, effectively reducing pain at the source.

Arthritic pain is debilitating and keeps many of our patients from living their everyday lives to the fullest. We believe in tackling issues such as these at the source. When you rely on our anti-aging doctor and his team of experts, you can expect not only specialized and knowledgeable care, but the benefits of more than 30 years of experience in the field as well. We believe age is only a number, and that your number is far from up.