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Vitamin Supplements

An integral part of abundant health is proper nutrition. Dr. Colbert formulated Divine Health Nutritional Products to meet the public’s demand for high quality vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements. He has taken extraordinary steps to research and provide supplements that are among the most effective in the world. Thus, Divine Health Products are made from USP* grade ingredients – a superior form of nutrients.

Because of the extra effort to combine nutritional ingredients of exceptional quality (at therapeutic dosing for our formulas) our products are often referred to as Nutraceuticals rather than the more generic terms of vitamins and minerals. Starting with the best ingredients and select formulas, our vitamin and mineral supplements are then carefully tested under strict standards to ensure that they provide the nutrients needed on a daily basis to assist you in your own quest for Divine Health.

*U.S.Pharmacopeia (USP) establishes standards for drugs and their dosage forms, excipients, nutritional supplements, botanical preparations, and medical devices

Browse our Vitamin Supplement List:

Antioxidant / Vitamin C / Vitamin E

Let us help replenish your antioxidants such as vitamins C and E. Depressed vitamin C and vitamin E levels can ultimately cause decreased performance. These Vitamins can regenerate other antioxidants which are both produced in the human body.

Bone & Joint Health

Most people suffer aches and pains from arthritis, osteoporosis or body injury to thier bones and joints. Supporting bone and joint health is the best defense. Let our natural vitamin supplements heal your pain, don’t use conventional drugs to address your joint and bone health.

Brain Health

The best solution for your body’s health is to change your brain in order to change your life. Protecting brain health and preventing the decline of brain health issues such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and mental illnesses can all be improved with brain health supplements.

Children’s Formulas

Complete your child’s health with a great tasting and complete multivitamin or formula with vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and essential nutrients for your active child. Let our Children’s vitamin supplements help improve your child’s life.

Cholesterol Support

Cholesterol management and support thru awareness of cholesterol and its potential negative effects on good health is key to a your body’s natural metabolism of cholesterol. Cholesterol Support is specially formulated to support healthy cholesterol levels.


Coenzyme Q10, known as, coenzyme Q, and abbreviated at times to CoQ10 is produced by the human body and is necessary for the basic support of the cardiovascular, neurological, and immune systems, as well as anti-aging care. CoQ10 must be converted to its bioactive and reduced form – Ubiquinol (QH).


Eliminate toxins with our Detoxification formula that will help with the removal of toxic substances from your body. Cleanse specific common toxins and habits from our lives that the body has to cope with from toxins and pollutants thru food and the environment.


Let our digestion vitamin supplements help your body to get the nutrients and energy it needs from the food you eat by the chemical breakdown of food into smaller components that are absorbed into the blood stream. It is especially beneficial to provide soothing relief of the stomach lining and intestinal tract.


Increase the levels of energy in your body with our natural energy supplements including specific formulas, vitamin supplements and essential compounds used by all the cells of the body. Now you can have Energy everday!

Glucose Regulation

Maintain your blood sugar levels. Blood regulation is the process by which the levels of blood sugar, primarily glucose, are maintained by the body. Our formulated supplements helps to quickly move glucose from the blood to the body’s cells where it can be used to create healthy energy.

Heart Health

A healthy heart is the key to living a long life. Maintaim your heart by supporting healthy cardiovascular and cholesterol health with our specific formulas and vitamin supplements that result in a solution that helps to support cardiovascular health as well as supports healthy cholesterol levels.

Men’s Vitamin Health

Considering the active lifestyle of most men, it’s unfortunate that an active lifestyle is sometimes fueld by unhealthy food due to time restraint. The best Vitamins for Men’s Health. when considering the nutritional content of foods you eat and supplements you take is a man’s one-a-day multivitamin or similar healthy formula.


Todays’ modern lifestyle of food consumption can sometimes fall short of nutrition. Our specific formulated multivitamin is constructed to supplement a person’s diet with vitamins, nutritional elements and dietary minerals.

Protein Powders/ Super Foods

Protein Powders and Super Foods are a convienient nutritional substitute for one of nature’s richest sources of protein, fiber and essential fatty acids. If you’re lacking a healthy nutritional diet thru the foods you eat, you can get all of the proper nutriyion thru super food.

Sinus Support




Stress Relief


Weight Loss


Women’s Vitamin Health