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Psychokinesiology: An Effective Treatment That Helps Diminish Your Emotional Burden!

You may not believe it, but in addition to physical injuries, emotional traumas and deep-rooted mental problems can negatively impact your health. Below will help you to understand the importance of treating your hidden ordeals to make you healthy physically as well as psychologically.

How Do Emotional Traumas Affect Your Life?

Life always comes with its own share of blissful and agonizing events. Humans tend to forget the happy times, and instead build up unresolved conflicts within themselves. These unresolved issues are one of the major reasons that imbalances are created in your mind/body system. You may not be aware, but these negative events delay your healing process and drastically impact your ability to deal with stress.

Even minor childhood incidences such as a friend joining another school can leave a child emotionally broken. This long-forgotten event can scar the child’s future relationships, especially romantic and close ones. Some of these children unknowingly become oversensitive, while some do not easily trust in others.

What Is Psychokinesiology?

Psychokinesiology involves a series of techniques using muscle testing that helps to communicate with your unconscious mind and mental skills to deal with the conscious mind. The treatment aims to directly determine and rectify an individual’s deep-rooted emotional traumas in order to balance the energy of the mind and body.

How Is Psychokinesiology Better Than Other Treatments?

Psychokinesiology is a technique that determines the root causes of emotional issues. Once the cause is diagnosed, it becomes easy to find the correct treatment. It has been said that the treatment is half cured when the diagnosis is accurate.

Most effective psychokinesiology techniques are inspired by Roger Callahan and Dietrich Klinghardt’s psychokinesiological teachings. Some other techniques such as Quigong, neural therapy, colour therapy, elements of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), eye movements and acupuncture are also used simultaneously with these in order to get rid of emotional issues. When integrated, the treatment works quickly to figure out the major issues that are affecting a patient’s health. These techniques reprogram the patient’s mind to form new energy pathways in the body to replace the old blockages and eradicate the negative effect of the emotional traumas suffered long before.

Once the person is healed emotionally, he will start experiencing quick relief from most of his physical discomforts. This is mostly because the deep-rooted emotional blockages and hidden fears are the major cause of ailments you suffer today.

It is incredible how fast the combination of these techniques diagnoses and resolves even the toughest emotional issues. Many experts have found that most of the conditions that appear to be physical in nature actually originate from psychological reasons. Similarly, conditions that appear psychological are often the result of physical causes.

Why Is Psychokinesiology Effective?

Most health experts accept that stress and anxiety can negatively affect your health. However, the techniques and methods they implement to diagnose and cure stress are not precise, which in turn does not help with healing. On the other hand, psychokinesiology is a great method of healing that helps you to get rid of certain blockages and fears that you were unknowingly harbouring within yourself and that were causing physical pain. It works to treat a large number of hidden emotional issues including depression, childhood abuse, physical abuse and blockages.

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